hi, i'm brett, but to everyone on the internet my name is foxy.

taken by my beautiful vixen.



there’s a copy of the declaration of independence on the bulletin board in my western civ class


today while my teacher was out of the room i stole it and put this up in its place


my teacher laughed and asked who took it but nobody told on me so i got away with it


i did it i stole the declaration of independence

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i tend to repeat myself, a lot. it’s something else that i picked up from childhood. i was (and still am) very much into things that my current age group always seemed to lose interest in. if i ever wanted someone to do something with me i had to sell it to them first. i had to describe in explicit detail exactly why the thing in question was great, and why it was well deserving of their time and attention. if i wanted someone to watch a cartoon with me, i had to push everything about it, and it just so happened that being younger i ended up repeating certain points over and over again to clarify my not quite so well rounded speeches. 

nowadays when me and vixen talk about something, especially if it’s something i like and she has no interest in, i go over the finer details multiple times. vixen has no doubt found this both amusing and annoying, i’m sure. 


You see Spongebob,  It’s a metaphor. You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but never give it the power to kill you.


You see Spongebob,
It’s a metaphor. You put the killing thing right between your teeth, but never give it the power to kill you.

tired and a wee bit high still

tired and a wee bit high still




This guy.

I’m calling it now.

I see great things ahead for this guy.


I cannot stop reblogging this.

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took my foxy lady out to eat :3

took my foxy lady out to eat :3

foxy’s want/wishlist

just a list of stuff i wanna get eventually, complete with links so i can remember everything

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These are all extremely fair points

the first one especially speaks to me on a spiritual level

the last one is the most true shit ever

boys get the good shit

girls get “sexy ___”

whats next “sexy object”

because that’s what people are seeing girls as

Windmill slam reblog

But sometimes you want that sexy powerful character so girls can be like “hell fucking yeah she’s hot and can kick ass and I can do the same” like wonder woman

you can be sexy and powerful without being unrealistic

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let’s see. oh, i have a weird thing about hoodies. when i was growing up i noticed that all my favorite cartoon characters wore the same clothes each episode, so for some reason that translated to me that i needed to get my own signature article of clothing. i landed on hoodies since they’re pretty great, lol. now i’ve been trying to get the perfect hoodie, one that i could wear for eternity and never get tired of it. the search has been a long one, and currently i’m most fond of my autobot one, but i keep buying others to possibly take up the mantle of perfect hoodie.